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The Professional Storehouse

We consider our services as those that not only teach our clients to fish, but we equip them to continuously stock their pond.

 What sets us apart is our process – Our WHAT. We start with a rich initiation of services that includes process refinement, brainstorming, problem solving, and custom strategizing for every client BEFORE we even launch the project. We prepare for success up front, and do it with a repository of options.




TPS Credentials

TPS is just that – a compilation of professional wealth that I have gathered over many years of hands on learning, experience, and academic education.

Through many years of building my own successful companies as well as working with industry leaders, I have earned the following credentials to work successfully with individuals and companies.



  • Bachelors Science – Communication, Political Science
  • Masters Business Administration – Global Leadership
  • Doctorate Business Administration – Leadership & Change Management
  • Certified Master Trainer – Association Talent Development
  • Certified in Crisis Intervention – Rice University

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